Catalysing Hospitality Digitally

Enabling Hospitality Businesses to transform and succeed in the new digital landscape, through creation of branded digital assets, re-imagined and repurposed for higher relevance, performance and growth.

The Big Shift in hospitality

Are you ready for the big leap?

Re-thinking Business Models in the new NOW, Re-cognising the pace of change in the consumer lifestyle, behavior, to transform businesses for the new world.


Are you ready to reboot and rebuild?

Creating the new normal, Re-inventing and Re-writing the rule books by adopting, adapting and leading the digital first strategy for hospitality businesses.

What We Do?

A single platform for hospitality businesses to enable and catalyse their growth through an integrated brand, creative and digital strategy. These are structured and optimised for higher online sales through the trinity of holistic branding, performance marketing and curated digital sales platforms.

We sync the business and marketing strategy to the digital sales platforms for a cohesive growth model, the prerequisite to survive and sustain in today’s tech driven ecosystem.

Brand Strategy

Curating & Integrating Brand Stories into core business strategies for an impactful online brand presence & image.

Creating Digital Assets

Creating high performing Digital Platforms, catalyzing your Brand’s online engagement, boosting consumption & sales.

Internet Restaurants

Discover your restaurant’s own personalised, branded digital storefront, seamlessly enabled for direct ordering.

Our Approach

During this tech-tonic shift in consumer lifestyles caused by the pandemic, with the increased dependability on digital platforms , the insightful understanding of new customer behaviours and lifestyles are the key to growth and sustainability for any business, especially with hospitality as this industry has been hit the hardest by the pandemic. We are in the midst of a disruption and the key to survival and growth is being agile and being in sync with the Big Shift in lifestyles.

The recovery and the way forward for the restaurant and food services business is to establish newer ways to reach out to your audience through a well crafted digital strategy, differentiating your brand, highlighting its core values to drive relevance, engagement and higher sales.

The unique platform and experiences your business has, how deeply you embed these in everything your business does, makes this your brand’s DNA leading to building trust and higher engagement possibilities with your customers.

Impact We Create

We Work

towards creating an ownable position for your brand

We Provide

brands with a distinct identity & positioning

We Capture

the spirit of the business through the brand message & logo

We Craft

beautiful narratives around the brand story

We Curate

authentic content to drive trust, transparency & transactions

We Focus

on the audience, turning them into consumers & mavens

Who We Are?

Sujoy Dutta

An avid art collector and hotelier Sujoy tracks the global trends in hospitality marketing in an evolving  digital eco-system. Leveraging social media for   reaching out strategies, aligning the content and crafting bespoke marketing campaigns for FnB businesses are his forte.

Managing and devising e-commerce platforms to augment revenues for the  Hospitality ventures is one of his primary focus.

Ramneek Bhatia

A foodpreneur since 2002, a creative enthusiast, drives strategy and marketing for hospitality businesses, has a strong sense and pulse of the key trends in the food services business.

He loves to share his insights and thrives on art and innovation. An influencer and the catalyst for change in todays disruptive times.

We Are Rooting For Your

We strategize with you for your hospitality business to reboot, rebuild, grow and scale 

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