Branded Digital platforms are the rocket fuel your business needs today

Pivital – Catalyzing Hospitality Digitally

Seamless presence

through digital adaption and direct customer connect

Differentiated brand

image and persona for quick recall and online discoveries

Stellar and impactful

digital presence to create presence and reach out


Marrying technology

operations and sales to build efficiency across the vertical


What can We do for your Hospitality Business

We catalyse your sales and cash flows, enable efficiency and cost reductions

We structure your business to transform digitally,  create online brands, use the digital mediums effectively and embed tech in daily sales management through creating newer sales verticals through branded virtual storefronts.

At Pivital we drive sales and transactions for your restaurant through a well synchronized branding and digital marketing strategy –

What we Create for your Business

We create Digital Assets to activate Sales and drive brand conversations & consumption

A Seamless and Intuitive Digital User Interface for direct selling to your customers

Personalised & Branded digital assets catalyzing the digital sales platform

The digital channels are huge drivers and amplifiers when it comes to building an online brand presence and stimulate online brand discovery. At Pivital, we design, develop, and deploy optimized marketing efforts that grow your brand’s digital affinity, traffic, and as a result the sales. 

However, it is the post-sales engagement which is the key differentiator in our approach to creating and enabling high performing digital assets through creating a loyal customer base. Our expertise in hospitality marketing leads us to create content, exclusively focussed on hospitality and the art of food.

Our Digital Asset Creation Program

We highlight the brand strengths, drive the core offerings, speak about the intangibles, bring the design, content to the forefront, while our key insights into the target groups, customer feedback, and curated content acts as a bridge to effectively engage the audience.

The Digital Strategy - Our Solutions

At Pivital , we deliver a comprehensive structured approach for your brand. Customized and curated as per the specific needs of your brand while setting the pace for your brand to cruise the digital landscape

Content Creation

Meaningful, SEO friendly, and interactive, are just a few keywords we use to describe the sort of content we create for your brand across text, audio, visual and video formats. 

Content Marketing

Blogs, insights, guest-posts, infographics, email campaigns, newsletters, list goes on and on when we dive deep to support your brand with the content marketing campaigns. 

Social Media Marketing

From strategy, creatives, posting, analytics to finally impact, social media marketing is a channel to keep your audience engaged, active, and informed about your brand. 

Website Development

An engaging and meaningful website is the key to a digital-first strategy, leads way to harness the digital ecosystem and give your customers a 24*7 storefront. 

The Pivital Impact

Creating well defined Digital Assets, driving them to improve the brand visibility, highlighting the core of the brand, building the audience connect, share of mind and harnessing the entire process to build relevance, trust and authenticity leading to higher engagement, brand consumption and loyalty increasing both online and offline sales.