The New Normal. The Tech-Tonic Shift.

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We have now adopted ‘The Digital Highway’ for work, consumption, learning, connecting, and for entertaining as well.

The on-demand ecosystem has integrated into the stay home economy, creating the New Normal of 2020. Today more than ever, our lives are driven digitally.

Being “Digitally Social” is the new normal. This structural change is here to stay, grow and mature at a pace never witnessed before.

The pandemic has led to the Internet being our savior in chief, it is omnipresent, holds the key to our daily lives, unimaginable even a few months back. It’s been a boon and a blessing with the digital apps + platforms backed by higher internet speeds, smarter phones, and a robust ecosystem of click n mortar enabling people to seamlessly conduct their lives from the confines of their homes. The all-pervasive nature of the digital landscape, from zoom calls @WFH, online presentations, video chats, exploring, discovering, on-demand entertainment, shopping online for groceries, food ordering, the digital adaptation and penetration has been across the board, it is transformational and the pace of change signifies a totally new business ecosystem.

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